600 Animal

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Help your canine and feline family members feel their best with our 600mg Animal Blend! Dogs and cats, like people, have an endocannabinoid system to help promote balance and stability. Our full spectrum CBD oil is derived from organically grown hemp and has many naturally occurring compounds to help support the overall health and wellness for your loved ones.

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Product Description:

  • Contains Salmon Oil
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Third party lab tested
  • Organically grown in Denmark, Wisconsin
  • Hand harvested for extra care
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Suggested Dosing:

  • 1-2 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight per day (1 full ML equals 20mg of CBD)
  • Comes with 1 ML applicator
Animal Weight CBD Milligrams mL
10lbs 1mg – 2mg .05ml – 0.1ml
15lbs 1.5mg – 3mg .075ml – .15ml
20lbs 2mg – 4 mg 0.1ml – 0.2ml
30lbs 3mg – 6mg 0.15ml – 0.3ml
40lbs 4mg – 8mg 0.2ml – 0.4ml
50lbs 5mg – 10mg 0.25ml – 0.5ml
60lbs 6mg – 12mg 0.3ml – 0.6ml
70lbs 7mg – 14mg 0.35ml – 0.7ml
80lbs 8mg – 16mg 0.4ml – 0.8ml
90lbs 9mg – 18mg 0.45ml – 0.9ml
100lbs 10mg – 20mg 0.5ml – 1.0ml
120lbs 12mg – 24mg 0.6ml – 1.2ml
140lbs 14mg – 28mg 0.7ml – 1.4mg
160lbs 16mg – 32mg 0.8ml – 1.6mg
180lbs 18mg – 36mg 0.9ml – 1.8mg
200lbs 20mg – 40mg 1.0ml – 2.0ml

Suggested to start dosing on the lower end and work your way up as needed, 1-2 times per day.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

18 reviews for 600 Animal

  1. Bill

    A month a go, my dog, Yoda, had paralysis and could not use his back legs. I had to carry him outside and hold him up to go to the bathroom. I am a disabled Veteran and on limited means and could not afford the $1500 the Vet wanted just to run some tests. A friend recommended I try a local CBD product. After 30 days of administering daily doses of Konopie’s Full Spectrum 600 Mg CBD animal blend, Yoda is running around like he was never paralyzed. Simply amazing.

  2. Anya

    A friend recommended I try the animal drops. We had to take a 2-week break while my dog got neutered but we are back to daily dosing. I can officially leave him home alone for 4 hours without him going crazy and barking. He will either sleep or play with his chew toy. This is HUGE because the most I could do before was an hour. He also just started doggy daycare and has been doing very good there. He’s very confident and doesn’t have any anxieties when I leave him there for a whole day. I’m just so happy about being able to leave him home alone for now and him being more chill. We are also moving in a couple of weeks and since my cats freaked out the last time we moved, I’m planning on giving them a little in their food for a couple of weeks before the move to ease their anxiety.

  3. Matt P.

    Our dog is very high energy and high anxiety. Konopie’s animal CBD has helped tremendously with calming him down in high anxiety environments as well as keeping him at an acceptable energy level during times of excitement. Overall this has improved his human interactions, particularly when meeting new people.

  4. Chelle, RN

    My 6 year old lab started limping and had a difficult time getting on and off his dog bed. I noticed improvement in his agility while playing catch as well as improvement going from sitting to standing. I left for vacation, his caregiver forgot to give him the CBD oil. When I returned his limp was back and he had a difficult time getting around the house. After 3 days of being back on the oil, he is back to his usual self, playing catch and maneuvering around with ease.

  5. Melissa

    This stuff is amazing! We have an older kitty that has been limping with arthritis and doesn’t like going to the vet. We’ve only been using this a little over a month and he’s hardly limping anymore! You can tell he has less pain and is walking around more. We can’t thank Mark with Konopie enough. This was truly a blessing. Thank you for helping our kitty be pain free. 💕

  6. Carrie S.

    I have been using the CBD oil on my dog for a little over a month and it seems to be working. My dog stood up on her hind legs the other day and she has not done that for quite some time.

  7. Dave

    My little dog Charlie recently benefited from Konopie’s 600 CBD oil after a skin infection exploded (yuck) and began weeping and bleeding. It was on his back neck and Charlie was unable to tend to the issue. I kept him clean, but he was experiencing incredible anxiety. Charlie is obsessive compulsive and was unable to tend to the wound. He was howling, speed pacing, star-gazing, in high distress. I got him to the vet later that day, but was able to calm him using Konopie’s Animal CBD oil. The oil calmed him and did not knock him out or cause a loss of motor skills. We had some flair-ups and the CBD continues to calm him. The wound is nearly healed – good for Charlie:)

  8. Jesse

    My 3-year old pitbull Bean fell down a flight of stairs a couple years ago injuring a tendon in her leg. She, therefore, had been limping and babying this injured leg for quite some time and I recently added CBD to her daily routine. In a few short weeks, I noticed she is no longer babying this leg and she is starting to run and keep up with our other dog, Ozzie. After a long recovery period and opting against a $14k surgery, it’s great to see her finally getting back to normal!

  9. Sandy

    We recently used 600 Animal to calm our dog before grooming her at home and it worked really well. She was definitely a lot calmer and it helped alleviate a lot of stress (for both of us)!

  10. Lori

    I’m a 22 year rescue foster. On dog #89. I have to say, I am getting a great response with my little 9-pound hairless dog. After the first day, I was able to put him in his crate and leave the room without a single peep from him. It’s been surprising. I am hoping for more changes as he builds a consistent level.

  11. Katee

    I gave my Golden Doodle the 600 Animal since it was storming the other day and she was chill. A little on edge, but definitely not hiding in the bathtub. This was the only the second day with her dose.

  12. Kelly

    I’ve been taking CBD products myself for 3.5 years. I started taking Konopie’s broad spectrum gummies a few months ago and I couldn’t be happier with how I feel. I saw that Konopie has a product for dogs and I had try it for our aging 11.5 year old lab, Nika. She had double ACL surgery when she just turned two. She’s starting to feel the effects of aging and the surgery she had. Stiff getting up and can’t quite keep up with her younger dog siblings when playing ball. We started her on the Konopie’s 600 animal full spectrum oil and within a week of taking it we were seeing our younger Nika again! We are extremely happy with this product and wished we’d known about this earlier!! Even her brother, Tucker, and sister, Willow, get a little taste every day too!

  13. Jackie

    My dog, Izzy, has been doing great on Konopie’s 600 Animal CBD. She has a tear in her knee and has not been limping as much since she’s been taking CBD and she can get up from laying down so much better now!

  14. Katie

    We recently adopted a Beagle from the breeding facility in Virginia and the CBD has made a huge difference in helping her adjust to living in a house.

  15. Jill

    I recently started giving my dog the animal CBD and it’s helping her anxiety, which means she isn’t scratching her hair off anymore!

  16. Mitch

    I recently started giving my dog CBD and after a week, it was like a night and day difference…he’s almost like a pup again! I’m also happy to report that he’s had no seizures so far, which was the main reason for trying CBD

  17. Andy

    Our cat, Milo, has been quite ill for as long as we can remember. He was pulling out his fur, holding urine, and vomiting almost daily. Now, with the 600 blend for small animals, Milo is doing relatively well. His fur is growing back, we are noticing more in the litter box, and in general it seems he is a happier kitty! It is amazing what CBD can do for our pets. We are so thankful to Konopie for their work in producing and harnessing such a wonderful, natural remedy for Milo and our furry family members!

  18. Amy B

    My dog Gurino has had many different digestive issues in his past. He was diagnosed with cancer in January and has had a toe (digit) amputated. I have been using this CBD with him for the majority of time since his diagnosis and this really helps. He doesn’t seem to be as agitated by his feet and has a pep in his step now. He is 11 years old and I can tell this has helped to bring his youth back. People have noticed and commented on it. I am happy to give him something that will allow him to relax and ease any pain he may be in. I definitely reccomend this product!

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