Equine and Hobby Animal Hemp Pellets

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Providing you with Farm to Stable Transparency!

Organically grown, organically processed pure hemp flower pellets. A natural source for protein, fats, fiber, and cannabinoids with 3rd party lab verification. Full farm to stable transparency!

1 lb is approximately a 40-day supply for a fully grown horse.

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Providing you with Farm to Stable Transparency!


One pound bag of hemp pellets. Organically grown, organically processed pure hemp flower pellets. A natural source for protein, fats, fiber and cannabinoids with 3rd party lab verification. Full farm to stable transparency!
  • Organically grown in Wisconsin
  • 3rd party lab tested for quality, safety, and efficacy on every lot
  • 3rd party product Certification of Analysis for potency, heavy metals, microbial, and pesticides
  • Konopie has a full farm to stable transparency
  • Made with pure hemp – no fillers or additives of CBD oil
  • Natural source of Omega 3-6-9, protein, fats, and fibers
  • A natural solution for farriers, trainers, and large animal veterinarians looking to better their Equine’s health, training, performance, and recovery
  • Warning: If competing under USEF rules, verify if using CBD & hemp-based products will be a violation of GR4 or any rules.

Suggested initial amounts to administer:
• Minis (400-660 lbs.) — 1/3 scoop (~50mg)
• Full-sized (660-1110 lbs.) — 2/3 scoop (~100mg)
• Large breeds (1110-1800 lbs.) — 1 full scoop (~160 mg)

1 scoop = Approximately 1 Tablespoon = Approximately 160mg
Administer 1-2 times daily as needed
Note: These are suggested servings. Please increase or decrease amounts until you see desired results.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The U.S. federal government (including the FDA) maintains that cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act, with no accepted medical use, despite the mounting evidence from the international medical community. As a result, our products cannot go through the FDA testing that would enable us to make health claims, and we are required to state that Konopiè products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition. Konopiè Pure Botanical Extracts makes no healing, curative or medical claims or warranties regarding its products. If you have a medical condition or illness, please consult your physician.

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5 reviews for Equine and Hobby Animal Hemp Pellets

  1. Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary and Education Center

    Last week, our senior sheep Fiona’s quality of life had declined so much due to her mobility issues and pain from arthritis, so we made the unbearable decision to schedule her for euthanasia. A few weeks prior, we had started her on hemp pellets in hopes that it was one last remedy that could save her.

    TWO DAYS BEFORE the appointment, we saw Fiona perk up and she seemed to have a strong will to live! We believe the hemp powder has truly been working. We even had the vet come out to check on her and he agreed it’s not her time yet!
    We have been giving the hemp pellets to all of the elderly animals – our other elder sheep Ada and our pig Henrietta. Everyone is showing great improvements all around.

    For the love of our older animals, if you’d like to donate this product for Fiona, Ada, and Henrietta, they would be so so grateful. The company, Konopie’ LLC, has donated several samples in the past, and, since it has proven to be effective in helping our arthritic animals, we definitely want to continue for as long as it helps them.

  2. Patti P, De Pere WI

    I have tried numerous products on my horse Traveler who has asthma and seasonal allergies. In the past several years he lost weight and coughed almost non-stop during the warmer months. My friend suggested I try the Konopie hemp pellets. I couldn’t believe what a remarkable difference the hemp made instantly!! His cough and wheezing went away. He has all kinds of energy now and acts at least five years younger. My vet was amazed at the difference in Traveler’s appearance and improved overall health when he saw him after being on the hemp pellets for several months. He asked me several times what Traveler was on as he wanted to recommend the product to several of his other clients who had horses with similar breathing problems.

  3. Vicky D

    My 25-year-old horse became lame on his front right leg because of ringbone. He has had joint issues for 5 years and had been given steroid shots in the past. Over the last 18 months, I began to give my horse hemp pellets. I switched to the Konopie brand and within two days, my horse was noticeably more comfortable on his front right leg. I still use two scoops of a joint supplement, in addition to the one scoop of Konopie hemp pellets. This combination has made my horse more active and a more comfortable ride.

  4. Amy (verified owner)

    I have had great success in addressing seasonal allergy issues, symptoms of heaves, and mild inflammation from injuries using this product.

  5. Jenny

    Amazing results. I own a small horse sanctuary and have a horse that gets a little nervous when the farm gets busy. I like to ride him but he could not keep his focus and “window shopped” or would throw a tantrum if he could not see what was going on.
    I started him on a scoop before our sessions and he was calm as a cucumber. Not a dead head but he was able to think. I was not sure that it was the product so I skipped it today and he was Mr. Looky pants at everything. Poor guy takes after his mom. I will continue this product and see if I get consistent behavior. Super excited that this product works and is not some medication.

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