Complexíon Botanical Serum™

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Formulated skincare serum designed to address multiple skin concerns. Three active ingredients combine to calm any and all skin inflammation. No fillers! From acne, anti-aging, eczema to sunburns, and after clinical treatments, use this powerful botanical antioxidant serum to restore your skin!

Master Herbalist Formulated Botanical Serum

  • Appropriate for all skin types and ages
  • Active ingredients: Perilla Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Each bottle contains 600mg (30ml bottle)/200mg (10ml bottle) of full spectrum CBD Oil
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Target Uses:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Aging
  • Clarifying
  • Skin Balancing

Target Concerns:

  • Acne and blemishes
  • Aging
  • Eczema
  • Fine lines and deep-set lines
  • Inflammation
  • Irritation
  • Skin burn
  • Sun damage and sunburn


Active Ingredients:

  • Organically Grown Full Spectrum CBD:  Anti-inflammatory topical relief, reduces sebum production, botanical antioxidant
  • Perilla Seed Oil: Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, linolenic acid, and alpha-Tocopherols, protects and restores skin cells, suppresses the production of chemical mediators in the allergy and inflammatory responses, combats some free radicals
  • Castor Oil: Hydrating, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, soothes, repairs, stimulates collagen and elastin production


Suggested Use:

Withdraw approximately one quarter-sized amount of serum onto freshly cleansed skin to adequately cover area(s) of concern. Apply morning and evening or as needed.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

30ml, 10ml

19 reviews for Complexíon Botanical Serum™

  1. Tiffany C

    Complexion has been a saving grace for me in helping to treat my daughter’s eczema. My 10-year-old has had eczema since she was a baby. She is in the nurse’s office at school a couple of times a week with itching or bleeding. I have tried multiple prescription treatments as well as over-the-counter products. I have not found a product that treats her eczema without stinging her skin as well as soothes
    until COMPLEXION!

    Just a drop in the eczema areas goes a long way and takes away the irritation! It is THE ONLY product that I have been able to put on her without her running away from me. I’m so thankful for Konopie and Complexion

  2. Evelyn A

    I have been amazed at the improvements in my skin following decades of trial and error with virtually every known acne remedy.

  3. Elton L.

    I started to develop sunspots on my forehead a couple of years ago and this past summer, a family member suggested I try the Complexion product on my damaged skin. I have been applying the oil to my forehead daily for several months and the spots have faded away. I was worried they would reappear after being in the sun, but I just returned from a tropical vacation and can see a dramatic difference! Prior to using Complexion, the spots would have been more prominent after basking in the hot Caribbean sun, but after using this product for several months I noticed a significant decrease in the number of visible spots.

  4. Cayla B

    I started using Complexion on my clients to reduce inflammation and redness after facial waxing treatments. My customers are elated to have a botanical serum available, made with local, certified-organic CBD. They no longer need to hide the day after treatment or wear extra make-up to cover up the inflammation. I call it a “Miracle Oil” and my clients are in love with Complexion!

  5. Jamie P.

    The Complexion-Restoration botanical serum is so hydrating and gives my face and hands the nourishment it needs in these harsh winter conditions.

  6. Jamie

    A friend recommended I try Complexion-Restoration to reduce facial waxing redness. I used the serum after my last eyebrow wax the redness was gone in less than one hour.

  7. Chelle, RN

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. After a year of chemotherapy, I was left with skin that could be described as dull and blotchy in appearance. I looked much older than my age, which was 35 at the time.
    I have been using Complexion-Restoration for several weeks, and have had many friends, co-workers and relatives comment on how great my skin looks. Some of the complements I have been receiving are that my skin resembles that of a porcelain doll, is radiant, glowing, and simply looks amazing.
    When I look in the mirror; I now smile and feel more confident. I see a more youthful and healthier woman looking back at me, rather than a 44 year-old who has aged from years of sun exposer (I am an avid boater) and toxic medications. I truly see years of aging erased from my face.
    One more thing; that feeling you get when you just left the salon, after a facial or really any skin care treatment .. I get “that feeling” everyday now from using Complexion-Restoration!

  8. Alaric

    I got a knee to the face at my martial arts class and put Complexion on right away. The redness was reduced within a day.

  9. Dan

    My wife swears by the Complexion serum. It’s funny cuz she has over 30 bottles of all sorts of skin care products yet the Complexion serum is the only one she reaches for everyday.

  10. Jill Marie

    I don’t know how other gals my age are feeling but I have to say aging SUCKS! Wrinkles are not my friend! I am always looking to find the fountain of youth! Thanks to a friend who hooked me up with this awesome CBD oil! It has drastically improved some of my fine line wrinkles around my eyes and has softened my deep set brow line wrinkles! I am in love with this product! I wish I had taken a picture before using this and what my face looks like now. All I can say is TRUST ME!

  11. C.J.

    My whole life, I had a thick beard and neck hair that was always irritated and ingrown after shaving. I usually never knew how it would look after each shave. I no longer have any worries because I apply Complexion serum on my neck and it stops all the irritation and ingrown hair.

  12. Anne

    This serum really helps speed the healing of acne scars!!

  13. Krissy

    I have been using the face serum pretty much daily the last few days and it makes my skin feel great.

  14. Liz

    Complexion had made my 83 year old skin the best it has ever been. So glad I have been using it.

  15. Dr. Janitch

    As a board certified plastic surgeon of 30 years, I am impressed with Complexion! I can personally attest to Complexion’s restorative and anti-aging properties. My patients have experienced a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and blemishes. Patients acquired an even skin tone, along with a hydrated, youthful glow. In comparison to some of the pharmaceutical grade skin care products on the market, Complexion supersedes in efficacy. This product delivers for young and old alike.

  16. Vicki Kropp

    I use the skincare product, it is amazing. I noticed a difference right away! I also recommended it to friends and they love it too. This is a must try product, you will not be disappointed! Looking forward to trying other products

  17. Jill

    I have been using Complexion oil for about a year and I love it! I’ll be honest, it took me a while to adjust to the oil (I have always used creams in the past) but I apply it twice a day and I love the results.

  18. Deb

    What a thrill – complete strangers and loyal friends have commented on how great my skin looks (fresh, dewy, and smooth). Thanks to Complexion, my skin is radiant! It’s like reversed aging in a bottle – thank you! All natural ingredients.

  19. Britta (verified owner)

    I really love this face serum. It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave an oily residue. I have used it for spot treatment for acne and it worked very well. Otherwise I like it for clearing up dry spots around my nose and cheeks. Definitely recommend!

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